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Praise for

A Father’s Reflections on Aspirations, Values and Life

Jimmy Teo’s new book, A Legacy to My Sons: A Father’s Reflections on Aspirations, Values and Life, is a “must read” for the young ones and the senior citizens of the world. Not only has he already made his philosophical footprints on the issues of values, character, leadership and human relations through his constant stream of worthy volumes, essays, and tidbits, equally important, at only age 61, he still engages younger people and their elders who were “young once”, and is certainly now imbued with a wider perspective of life than most.

Fidel Valdez Ramos

Former President, Republic of the Philippines

A Legacy To My Sons: A Father’s Reflections on Aspirations, Values and Life is indeed a labour of love. It is not just a compilation of the best anecdotes from the A Legacy To My Sons series, nor is it simply a consolidation of the most popular reads from Jimmy Teo’s writings. It is a book of learning, delivered in ink but messaged with love and meant for all peoples of the world to live better and more responsible lives. The authenticity of the words and the genuine tone of the author will touch not just your minds, but your heart and soul as well. If you do not believe me, take up the challenge, pick up the book and have a go at it. Even though the book is directed to his sons, me being the eldest, the book is meant for a much wider audience and that means you, your friends, your colleagues, and all the people in your life.

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