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The Highway Cop ‘Doms’ a Freaky Trucker

Tom Horne

Copyright 2012 by Tom Horne

Smashwords Edition


All characters contained in this work are aged 18 or over and all sexual activity was entered into of the participants own free will


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The Freaky Trucker Gets a Patrol Officer…

Hank Collins is a lot of things – a truck driver, a man’s man, a good brother, a devoted uncle, and a protective son. He is also a lonely man, with heavy responsibilities. However, after a highway patrolman snares Hank in a bad situation, he feels hope that for the first time, his single status may not remain that way for long.


Hank Collins, also known as Triple H or Heavy Hung Hank, had been a gear jammer for over 15 years. He loved the job. To him there was nothing better than the open road, the freedom of being out on your own and, of course, the solitude. He had a widowed sister with her own two kids back home, as well as his mother who lived them. He loved them all dearly, and would do anything for them, which in fact he did. But he also had to get away for some “me” time.

He liked being alone and enjoyed the quiet and the peace that he could only find on the road behind the wheel of his 1992 Peterbilt Supercab. He went home whenever he could, which wasn’t often, as he was the only means of support for five people – himself included, of course. His sister couldn’t work yet as her oldest, Jared, was only three, and the youngest, Sheila, was barely six months old. Though his mother often offered to play baby sitter, she wasn’t exactly in the best of health herself, and if anything, his sister Henrietta often found herself babysitting her own mother besides the two she already had to take care of.

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