The Boy Silverhair

In the middle of a leafy forest of acacia trees lived a beautiful woman who was expecting a child. One day whilst taking a walk, she sat down to rest in a clearing and fell asleep. At this moment the leaves from the trees started to fall softly covering her in a warm blanket of leaves. The four genies of the compass (North, South, East and West) stirred, joined hands and started to dance around the beautiful woman and everyone of them spoke and sang to her during the nine months that she was permanently asleep. All of the wisdom they possessed went to the boy that she was carrying inside.

After a little while a boy with silver hair was born, the mother happy and suprised called him Silverhair. Because the boy possessed the knowledge of the four genies of the Earth he was always cheerful and happy, because within wisdom there is no place for sadness.

Twelve years passed and the boy with the silver hair and with clothes of shades of blue looked like a part of the sky walking through the acacia forest.

Every morning he would head for the Lake Saltdelight to play with his friends that splashed and jumped with happiness to see him arrive, then when Silverhair dived into the water and took hold of his friends they would transform into jumping dolphins ,diving and hopping above the lake and submerging and swimming beneath the water. When they jumped back onto the bank of the lake they returned to their old shapes and once again they were children of new.

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