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Know what Crow used to say about livin’ by your guns? Said it made him like a kind of alchemist. Said he was the first man in history to turn lead into gold. Yeah. Meanest son of a bitch ever. Crow.

No other name. Just Crow. Dressed in black from head to toe. The meanest man in the bullet-scarred annals of the West. Nobody ever turned their back on him. A cold voice in the shadows, a vengeful angel of death …

Time was when Crow found himself holed up in Dead Hawk, Arizona. A time when the man in black wound up in jail. Killed a punk kid in self-defense. Then set loose to bring back Mayor Abe Varity and his wildcat wife, Martha. Kidnapped by a band of Apaches. Or were they? Whoever it was, Crow was out on the killing trail and folks had better watch out. Best not to tangle with Crow if you wanted to live …


By James W Marvin

First Published by Transworld Publishers Limited in 1980

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