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Zombie Lies

#2 in the Tom Zombie Series

By H.D. Timmons

Copyright © 2012 by H.D. Timmons

Smashwords Edition

Part One

Tom Dexter felt a haze lift as if he were experiencing a sudden shift from night to day and recovering from a severe head rush all at once. He found himself lying on the floor and was so disoriented that remaining in his supine position for a few moments longer seemed in order.

The room in which he found himself was unfamiliar. From his position on the floor he saw the bed in front of him and the meager, but modern furnishings in the rest of the room. He surmised that he was in a hotel room, but the observations provided nothing to jog his memory to explain how he had gotten there or why.

Tom thought hard with every brain cell he could muster to try to remember something – anything. He grasped at fuzzy, distant memories but nothing seemed to manifest at the moment.

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