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Some Reader Comments

These comments were not written by family members, friends, other authors as favors, or paid reviewers but by people I didn’t know who were inspired and motivated to write to me after reading this book. I welcome your thoughts about the government design presented in Beyond Plutocracy. I will reply to e-mails as long as I am able.

Roger Rothenberger


* … you seem to have hammered the bright point of a world-spanning, evolved consciousness down into the gross material world, where it is needed to shine. A truly impressive achievement.

* I am consistently amazed at the cerebral altitude you have obtained, which envelopes so many important details and manages them so well!

* … truly original and very thought provoking … extraordinary work …

* Brilliant! A breakthrough!

* I've started reading your book for a second time, and I've come to believe that it is one of the most profound works I've read in my life.

What kind of a political book and government design could possibly earn such comments?

In Brief

Capitalism, the market economy, is our best form of economic relationship. But capitalism has a very deep flaw. It tends toward monopoly. It concentrates excessive power, wealth, and advantage into the hands of all too often ruthless, greedy elites who exploit the rest of the populace, corrupt our government, and override the common good.

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