The Hole in the Magic Shield

Book Two of the Ancients of Earth Series


Lucian Randolph

© 2012

In 41 hours, the world as we know it will end…

Like it has done every twenty-six millennia, the magnetic field of the earth is about to be short-circuited by a series of massive solar storms, which will destroy our modern technological society virtually overnight. It will take the planet two centuries before the natural protective magnetic field will build back up to full strength. While it is weakened, the surface of the earth will be scorched by the sun and daylight will become dangerous to all life. The first wave of storms and destruction has already begun, but the only people who have the means to help, aren’t aware of the impending disaster. And the only clue to when the disaster will occur is a mysterious clear rock locked in a black plastic case. New characters and fresh dangers arrive building the mystery and intrigue; all while the deadline approaches and the world unknowingly counts down to its doom.

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