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Libby Beam, Drama Queen

By Lisa Rush

Copyright 2012

Published by Smashwords

This book is dedicated to my daughter Alexandra, whose spirited personality inspired these pages. I love you Alex.

Chapter 1

Fortune Cookies

I, Libby Beam, am not a trouble maker. I am just accident prone, but sometimes my accidents cause trouble. I have choked on roast beef, lollipops, and other things and had to be saved by the Heimlich maneuver. I have accidentally almost died five times and it happened again today.

Mom calls me “Lib” for short. I like it. It’s short for Libby, but LIB is also my initials, Libby Isobel Beam. When my mom calls me Libby Isobel Beam, it means I am in trouble. When she really pronounces the O in Isobel, she is super mad, like the time I broke my cello. I told her it was an accident and that I had tripped over another kid’s case. She told me to be more careful, which tells me she didn’t believe me that it was an accident.

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