If, as the honourable Dr.Greppen suggests, I was in the Gallery on the night in question and I did indeed leave fingerprints, then where, may I ask, do the leather gloves shown as Exhibit B enter into the equation?”

The defendant sat down again, a slight barely-legible grin on his scarred and burned face.

Dr.Greppen.” ordered the judge. “Take the stand please.”

The ‘honourable doctor’ did so, bringing with him a clear polythene bag with a pair of leather gloves inside.

I have already sworn the oath, my lord.” he said and the judge nodded. “These gloves, Exhibit B, were discovered in the staircase between floors three and four of the Public Archeological Gallery in Stoker Lane. Floor three is where the defendant was apprehended, and as you are aware the Gallery exhibits at the centre of this odd case were being displayed on the fourth floor.”

Please get to the facts, Doctor.” interfered the judge, doing with panache what he got paid for, “Whether you deem this an ‘odd’ case or not, is not the issue here.”

Yes, yes, of course. It is my theory, and that of the investigating police force, that these gloves once belonged to the defendant, who had worn them with the intention to steal one or more of the items on display. We hypothesise however, that the defendant while proceeding up the stairs came upon a cunning double-cross. He thought that by removing the gloves and discarding them on the floor and then going ahead with his plan as normal he would create a great confusion. He believed that we would be fooled into believing his pathetic claim that the fingerprints were there to frame him, but not actually of his own doing. Upon finding the gloves in the stairwell, he believed, we would see them as further evidence of a second unknown party; the real criminal.

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