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The Elf Hat

by Rene Natan

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 Rene Natan

All Rights Reserved.


The Elf Hat

Strathroy, November 2010

Glenda Vaillot rocked back and forth in her chair as she watched her son, Norbert play on the floor with his favorite toy, the Rollipop. She should take him to the Santa Claus Parade, but the thoughts of leaving her cozy pre-fabricated house for the frosty elements outside and the crowds downtown seemed to immobilize her. She looked over at Zufolo, her border collie snoring on the rug in the corner, then back to her three-year-old son.

Santa Claus Parade, Norbert?” she asked in her nasal voice.

Yes, mum.” He nodded, then started jumping up and down, waking Zufolo up.

The dog pranced around on the floor as Glenda bundled up her son with a heavy coat, last year’s elf hat and red boots trimmed with white fur.

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