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This book is dedicated to the extraordinary women pilots of the British Air Transport Auxiliary, who bravely ferried military aircraft to Royal Air force bases during an extremely dangerous time in Britain throughout WWII.

Spitfire Pilots WWII

Extraordinary Women

By Emma Gee

Chapter 1

The London Blitz

The screech of the air-raid sirens wailed throughout the city of London, England in September 1940 during World War 2. The low hum from the engines of the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) night bombers droned in the distance, growing increasingly louder as they advanced nearer to the city. The Luftwaffe was ready to strike London once again for the 22nd consecutive night. The murderous German bombers had already killed countless numbers of harmless women and children during their deadly raids under the cover of darkness. The word “blitz” from the German word ‘blitzkrieg’ translated into English meant “lightning”. The Germans hoped to achieve quick control of Britain through constant violent air bombardments by the Luftwaffe.

Hundreds of enemy German aircraft swarmed the sky like giant vultures, as they zeroed in on their prey. For every German Junkers 88 bomber there were at least two German Messerschmitts night fighters as escorts to ward off the British Spitfire fighter planes. The German night fighters fought viciously to protect their Junkers 88, so the bombers could drop their deadly load on the innocent civilians of London.

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