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The family camp

Written by Jordan Moyer

Published by Jordan Moyer on Smashwords

Copyright Jordan Moyer 2012

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The Family Camp

By: Jordan Moyer

Once, when I was still youthful, my father seated himself behind his desk and said to me, "son, it's time you went to the family campgrounds". Now, when I was youthful, I was not one that you would consider to be an outdoors-man. I had tried to argue with my father, saying it was just a plot of land in the middle of the woods and nothing to be considered important, but he seemed determined to have me camp. So, the next Saturday, I packed up my bags and climbed into the rusted old truck that my dad owned.

My dad started the engine, and we pulled out of the old dirt driveway that my grandpa had made when he built the ranch that I currently lived in. Father drove us down the dusty old road that lead off into the woods. When he reached the end of the road he pulled into an old gravel parking lot, and pointed me to a trail saying "I'll meet you at the other end of that hundred mile trail in three weeks". It sounded crazy to me, and probably you too, but a hundred mile hike through the wilderness was our family's ritual passage into manhood. Don't ask me who the nut-job who came up with the whole 'ritual into manhood' thing is, and I doubt that any of my family knows either.

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