Atomic Heart

By Manuel Alves

Copyright 2012 Manuel Alves

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Atomic Heart

Excerpt: Red Legacy

The author

Atomic Heart

Momo was able to spend all day looking through the big laboratory window directly into the Sun without going blind. He saw things very far away as if they were very close. He saw the Sun as a heart in the sky, pulsing with bursts of heat instead of just beating. Momo didn’t see just a flat shiny disc; he saw a sphere with all three dimensions, rich with extraordinary details no one else was able to see with naked eyes. Except Nini—she had eyes likes his.

“We don’t belong here,” said Momo. “We should be able to touch the Sun.”

We don’t need to dream about prodigies,” said Nini. “We are the prodigy.”

No. We are just the proof Man longs to step away from God’s shadow.”

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