It, the First Legend

Xavier Mantrol

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Copyright 2013 Xavier Mantrol

My name is Henry. This is my last note to the world. It has forever driven me insane. I will recount the incident… the incidents… as clearly as I can.

It started… when did it start… back when I moved here. If I could, I would leave, but I can’t. All I can do is tell my story before it takes me.


I stepped into my new house for the first time. “Well!” I said. “I see you did not lie.”

The man beside me laughed—it had been his house originally.

I do not see why you would want to move—this house is amazing,” I remarked.

Instantly, the man’s face lost its jovial look. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

The whole room seemed to darken, but I thought nothing of it. I moved into the house, and I lived there happily for a couple of months.

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