Then, one night, my wife sat up. Awakened by her sudden motion, I looked around. She has never woken up like this before. I checked the alarm clock. Midnight exactly.

What’s wrong?” I asked her.

Don’t you hear it?” This was not my wife’s usual, up-beat voice. She sounded ominous.

Hear what?”


I paused for a moment. No noise could be heard. Then, a sound pierced the silence.

CLICK click click. CLICK click click. CLICK click click.

Clicking, from the room above us. It sounded like someone with long fingernails tapping their fingers on the floor. It had a strangely melodious tune.

CLICK click click.

It was getting louder. It was getting louder and closer.

Don’t worry, my dear. It’s just the pipes,” I told her.

Comforted, she fell back asleep. But I was not so reassured.

CLICK click click.

It was even louder, and even closer. It wasn’t the pipes. It didn’t sound inanimate. It sounded alive.

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