From Learning Disabled to Special Learner---Proven Method

By Jon Van Loon

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Jon Van Loon


(This is a revised version with updates-03/09/13)

Conventional Learning Methods Don't Work!

This book was hived off from the book ‘Learning Disabled are really Special Learners-Here’s Proof’ which is also available as a free download eBook on these sites, because although this new eBook provides the general guidelines for becoming a special learner it depends heavily on my own approaches. Since special learners must discover their own strategies I felt I could only stress this important point by making this division.

A dichotomy exists in conventional schooling. Those students who have been identified as severely learning disabled find it difficult if not impossible to learn in the conventional classroom environment using the normal strategies. Yet in most school systems although part time withdrawal from such classes for special assistance in remediating learning skills and special help with the required subject matter is available, such an approach is of limited effectiveness.

In order for a person with a learning disability to become an effective special learner and hence achieve their ultimate potential, each individual must find a learning style that works for them. In the withdrawal classroom environment mentioned above learning specialists are available to assist with remedial learning strategies. Unfortunately these specialists though well trained and motivated are in large part not themselves learning disabled and hence cannot fully understand an individual student’s required learning style requirements. The individual themselves must identify and learn these skills.

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