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Keepers of the Tallath

By Chris Yarbrough

Copyright 2012 Chris Yarbrough

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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A pang of regret came over Darren as he stared at his grandfather’s headstone. Darren always felt very close to his grandfather, but he had not visited his gravesite since the funeral. He never considered this before now and he was disappointed in himself for it. He wondered when he would ever have returned here if not for the call from his grandfather’s lawyer a few days ago. A light rain moved in off the coast and began to cascade down. Darren was the only one in the cemetery and he barely noticed the shower as he contemplated all the ways he could have better honored his grandfather since his passing.

Darren brushed the hair from his eyes, knelt down on one knee and placed his left hand atop the headstone. You always used to say how proud of me you were. I hope you still are. Finally taking notice of his increasing dampness, Darren stood up slowly, wiped the dirt from his knee and made his way to his car parked nearby.

It was only a ten minute drive to the lawyer’s office, but it felt much longer. Darren’s ongoing self-reflection and the gloomy weather combined to put him in quite a somber mood. Slowly his thoughts turned to the appointment at hand. It had been over seven years since his grandfather’s death and Darren could not imagine what would cause his lawyer to be summoning him now. Darren’s grandfather was not a wealthy man, but he left him enough of an inheritance to complete college with minimal debt and still have enough left to make a down payment on a modest home in a quiet town about an hour up the coast. It was a shock to think that there could be anything else his grandfather had left him.

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