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Love Waits

Cynthia Breeding

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia Breeding

Cover Copyright ©2012 Amber Wentworth

Published by Highland Press Publishing at Smashwords

London, 1786

“Tell me once more why, precisely, we are accompanying the ladies on a shopping expedition?” Charles asked Andrew as they strolled behind the footmen carrying packages from various shops along Bond Street.

Damned if he wanted to say. Andrew had spent most of the past week trying to gain a private audience with Dacey. The woman kept herself more cloistered than a nun and it seemed Georgiana was protecting her like some well-dowered, virginal noblewoman.

Which she wasn’t. Virginal, that is. Dacey was a baroness, he reminded himself as an afterthought. If the ton’s on-dits could be believed, Baron Whitley had been quite the lover about town. Dacey must miss the pleasure of being bedded. Andrew wasn’t exactly lacking in seduction skills himself, but to his continued frustration, Dacey seemed immune to compliments or gallantry. The more—or less—he saw of her was going to drive him straight to Bedlam.

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