The Ghost in the Top Hat

By H. Jason Schulz

Published by H. Jason Schulz at Smashwords

Copyright © 2010 by H. Jason Schulz

All Rights Reserved

This is an account of an actual encounter with a phantom as it was related to me by some friends. The appearance of the ghost in the top hat happened only the one time and so far, it has never been seen again…

My account of the event takes place on a winter evening in late October. My friends, we’ll call them Nancy, Jeff and their daughter, Susan enjoyed dinner together, as usual. After dinner Jeff got ready to leave for work– he worked nights at a near by power plant. He kissed his wife and daughter good bye and left for work. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

After Jeff had gone, Nancy and Susan watched television and ate some ice cream, again, nothing odd; Nothing to indicate that they would soon be visited by an incorporeal being.

At nine o’clock, the usual time that Susan got ready for bed, Nancy asked her daughter to go up stairs, put on some pajamas and then to brush her teeth. The little girl went up stairs for a moment and then came directly back down.

“Someone’s in my room.” Susan said to her mother.

Nancy asked, “Who is it?”

Susan answered, “A grandpa.”

This is the term Susan used for all men with grey hair. Nancy thought she must just be frightened to be upstairs alone.

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