Many Kamasutras Series

Kamasutra 2.0

An Authentic Guide with Description of ALL Postures, Kisses, Embraces, Hitting, Moaning, Nail Marks and Teeth Bites from the Sanskrit Original

Edited, with an Introduction and Postscript, by
Ravi Soni
Author of Many Kamasutras

A New Translation of Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra (Book 2: Sexual Union)
A New Translation of Yasodhara’s Commentary (Book 2: Sexual Union)
Select Postures and Methods Added by the later Kamasastras

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Kamasutra postures as described in this book

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Cover Photo

God Siva and his wife Parvati in a Kamasutra Posture. In the Indian mythology, sexual union for pleasure was ‘invented’ by god Siva. For procreation, the credit goes to Daksa, Siva’s father-in-law (till then, procreation was through a mental process).

Pahari Miniature Painting, 17th century. From Author’s Personal Collection.

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