The Low Lovers of Dame Anastelle Yrai


Naoko Smith

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The Low Lovers of Dame Anastelle Yrai

is fingers fumbled at the buttons of her shirt. She pressed her mouth to his. He was so excited that he could barely put his lips together for the kiss. His mouth was wet and loose to her pressing soft mouth, she moaned with the pleasure of his pleasure. He was trembling with anticipation.

They had barely got in the door to his tiny room when his hands went to her clothes to tug them off. She had already been shrugging her fur-edged coat off onto the floor. In an hot-blooded passion for each other’s bodies they were oblivious to the cold. Outside the snow lay thick all about P’shan Palace and the streets of Erjeine in the H’velst Mountains. The tiny room of the library clerk was so small there was no fireplace, he probably depended for warmth on the wall by his narrow single bed but as it was daytime and the servants who shared the larger room next door would be out and about, there would be no fire lit on the other side.

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