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Black Widow

The Continuing Mystery of Betty Neumar

By Diane Fanning

Copyright 2012

Smashwords Edition

The Arrest

Richmond County Sheriff’s Investigator Josh Faison made a lot of arrests in his many years in law enforcement with but the one he executed on May 21, 2008, was strange. He arrived at 633 Cambridge Court in Augusta, Georgia, to pick up Betty Neumar, a white-haired, 76-year-old grandmother.

He stood in the living room near the fireplace where the urn containing the ashes of John Neumar, her fifth husband, rested in peace on the mantle. “Some people in North Carolina want to talk to you,” he said.

“Sure,” she said without any questions or indications of distress.

She baffled Faison. He couldn’t understand how she could be that calm under the circumstances. And it was difficult for him to imagine that the old lady standing in front of him was charged with three counts of solicitation to commit murder in connection with the 1986 shooting death of her fourth husband, Harold Gentry. He couldn’t bring himself to follow normal procedure and handcuff the elderly woman he was taking into custody. “It didn’t seem right,” he said. “It would have been like manacling your own grandma.”

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