By Lucille Bellucci

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by Lucille Bellucci

Back of jacket: Photo by Therese Pipe

Stories previously published in:

“Winters of the Heart” Timber Creek Review

“The Czarina’s Man” Northcoast View

“Carioca Dobie Derby” A DOG’s WORLD, Anthology, Traveler’s Tales

“Circle of Rage” The Taos Review

“Obi” Yellow Silk

“A Single Woman” First-Place Award

“Write Me a Letter” Ceilidh First-Place Award

“A Soochow Story”

“Permanence is a Language” Roberts Writing Awards

“Favors and Other Crimes” Dana Literary

“Cicadas” the new renaissance First-Place Louise T. Reynolds Memorial Fiction Award

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