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The Sea Has Spoken


R. Blair Sands

Copyrighted 2012 by Robert Santee

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

The Storm

John Blair loved his sleek sixty four foot teakwood sailboat. Its long clean lines and smooth looking profile was a classic sight to behold. He had paid a lot of money to have it constructed just as he wanted it to be. It was twelve feet wide at its beam, and the entire boat was constructed in the finest teakwood available in Thailand. Its stainless steel railings, and all fittings, highly enhanced its appearance.

Ten feet in back of the hatchway, stood the wheel housing and wheel, made from specially carved teak, and polished to a high lustre. Behind the wheel, was a large custom built captain's chair, with arm rails, and thick padding tied to it. To look at the boat, when docked in harbour, was to see a craft that gleamed brilliantly above all other boats. He was justly proud of his acquisition.

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