Grappling Games: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu & Submission Wrestling

Bakari Akil II, Ph.D.

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To those who know how fun grappling is!

About the Author


Bakari Akil II, Ph.D. has been practicing no-gi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since 2004 and BJJ with a gi since 2008. He has a Purple Belt in BJJ and a Green Belt in Judo. Akil also has written about grappling for Black Belt Magazine and his blog, Jiujitsu365, has been nominated twice for “Best BJJ Blog” by the Fightworks Podcast.


Akil holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Florida State University. He is currently a Professor and has taught and counseled hundreds of people over the years in areas related to graduate education, mass media and how to be more effective communicators.

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