WARNING: This book contains adult language and graphic f/f sex. It is intended for mature audiences only.

Editor: Lindsay York

Cover Design: Lindsay York

Photographer: Wisky

This book is dedicated to anyone who ever fell in love with the most unlikely person.

Tokyo; December 10th, 1992

Somewhere, Aiko’s favorite song played on a stereo.

Her ears followed the pop-rock sounds to the corner of the room where two girls huddled around a mirror, applying makeup. Aiko turned to her cousin Shizuka and waited for her to proceed with the tour and introductions. It was Aiko’s first time to see the backstage of a music theater, and she didn’t want to embarrass herself or get her cousin in trouble.

She always thought such a scene would be alight with human energy, but the few staff members wandering around yawned behind limp hands. A costumer pushed a rack of colorful sequined dresses across the room and was followed by everyone else, except for the two girls still applying. Aiko recognized their dresses as the same style Shizuka wore.

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