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The Mice Meet a Hero

Rolo had made his way around the whole of the theatre’s floor without finding a single tasty morsel. His tummy rumbled. ‘I’ll have to try the foyer.’ As he rounded the corner, his eyes were immediately drawn to a huge piece of toffee coated popcorn underneath a display cabinet. He quickly looked around then darted across to the treat. Suddenly he froze as the air was filled with the sound of metal being scraped against glass. He turned. An old black Labrador with a metallic leg and a jagged scar running across a bloody white eye was slumped against the glass exit door.

Rolo’s mouth dropped open. He scampered under an old newspaper; his whole body shaking and teeth chattering. ‘A monster!’ After a few minutes he poked his nose out from under the newspaper but couldn’t see the strange animal. He tiptoed out and looked around. The dog was still slumped against the door. A tear slowly trickled down its face.

Rolo scratched his head and inched towards the dog, hugging the wall as he crept along. When he was two feet away he shouted out, ‘Who are you?’

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