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The Wolves of Dullahan Rise of the Celts,

book 3 in the Wolves of Dullahan Anthology.

Copyright 2012 by Candace L. Bowser

Smashwords Edition


For my father, the Irishman, whose stories kept me from harm…I think. I say I think because a little story from childhood became one novel, then another, and then another and those things that once frightened me so greatly are now my nightly bedfellows. He often calls me, sometimes nearly every evening, with a new idea, a new twist, or just something new in general that needs immediate attention…Sometimes I wonder if the dragon ever sleeps.

This book is dedicated to my daughter, I think. I think because I remember having free time until she harangued and pleaded, for us to make a novel out of a two paragraph story I told her to keep her safe from things that went bump in the night when she was seven, after her readers kept commenting that she should write the novel after she gave her background on her website. That two paragraph story became the 335 pages of The Wolves of Dullahan and then 550 pages in the second book of a possible four book series. It continued into the nearly 500 pages of this third book in the now expected seven book series with talk of spin-off books about some of the major characters. She has always been the inspiration for many tales in the night. Now I only hope what was originally created to protect her causes you to lock your doors, check under the bed, and cringe at those things that go bump in the night.

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