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Way back then, in the first galaxy, there was a galactic empire. It was the first galactic empire.

Oh, it wasn't like the empires we know today – after all, it was a very small galaxy – but it was the first galactic empire, and to the people who lived there it was very grand.

* * *

The first galactic emperor was a wise and just man, for the most part, and the empire thrived. He worked hard for his people, but sometimes he was distracted, because the emperor had a daughter and daughters will do that whether their fathers are beggars or rulers, and he loved his daughter more than all of his empire put together.

The princess was very young. And beautiful, of course, as all good princesses are. Her hair was as black as the deepest reaches of space, and the lights in her eyes shone more brightly than any star in the night. When she was in space on the imperial satellite her gown floated in the air around her, but she spent most of her days on her home world, in the capital city.

Her favorite place in all the universe was the garden. But this wasn't just a garden – this was an imperial galactic garden. It was bigger than most towns. It held a small mountain, a stream, and even a waterfall. And, of course, the most beautiful plants and flowers from all over the empire, safely enclosed within a tall wall, and all carefully planted and tended by a small army of gardeners.

When the princess was very, very young her father would meet with his advisers in the garden. Some of the advisors would bring their children and they would all play together, with the children of the gardeners, under the watchful eyes of their parents.

As the princess grew she wanted to be more independent. Her father understood that his daughter was growing up, but he knew that the universe was not always a friendly place, especially to a young child. And so they agreed that she would earn more freedom as she demonstrated that she could handle more responsibilities.

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