Time flowed freely in the land of lasting cold. The frost bites at the drooping branches of nature’s children as rays of sun pierce through the crystal ornaments. Silence resonates past the slumbering creatures, ranging from enormous to tiny in the blink of an eye. Above, the skies are cloudless and pale, no flights overhead to disrupt the elegance. With this elegance, the wind dances the waltz with the snowfall as its partner. Gliding across the landscape, Wind and Winter Tears coat layer upon layer of white upon the earth.

A whisper then tickles the ears of those willing to listen. A soft lullaby, a story of warmth, fills hearts and minds of the deepest sorrows and happiness. Weep for the love that may never be and praise those who endure its pain. The winter sobs, a blizzard of emotions bombard the earth as the wind kicks back in fury. Jealousy rears its ugly head as the whispering grows into a taunt, egging on the anger as pine needles are ripped from their resting place.

A roar is cut short, the blizzard too strong to carry its cries. A kiss in the fit of fury calms the beast, easing the frozen flakes of sorrow as they gently touched the earth. A deep yearning and ache for summer’s warmth destroys winter’s hold. Broken and shattered, ice melts as rays of sunshine pound at the cold. Critters creep along the floor, weary of winter’s sudden undoing. Their hearts pitied the poor fellow.

Forced to live as opposites, how could one live knowing their other half must hide behind their glory? Winter can only exist so long as the heat of summer’s sun does not penetrate its icy heart. The sun can only shine brightly when cold winter clouds are not blocking its way. Pushing its lover away, winter mourns its loss for months to come, dancing with the wind in hopes of forcing the memory of summer’s warmth from its heart.

The sun wallows in self-pity, stepping aside for the icy chill to overtake the earth until another day. Their love, deeper than the number of souls in Hell, must wait for the time when winter and summer can meet without fear of driving the other away. They must wait to feel each other’s embrace, to feel the silkiness of their lips, and to taste the sweetness of their kisses. How long that may be though, is beyond their hopes. Happiness is seldom felt between the two as they only felt rightly so when they first met those fateful springs and falls.

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