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White Rock Mountain

Why I Don’t Touch Dead People

Wardrobe Malfunction

Struck by Lightning on a Plane with Janet Reno

Biloxi Vacation

Bad Karma

Quilts and Shingles and an Epiphany

White Trash

Boy Scouts


Green – Spring Day

My Last Day in Oklahoma

Note from the author.

This is a compilation of short stories from real events in my life. I have passed these often humorous stories along to friends for years. Several folks have mentioned that I should publish them.

I am finally doing that.

God has blessed me with a funny life and surrounded me with funny and amazing people. I love to share my stories.

These stories are not meant to be grand literature. They are just funny stories. Some are only musings. I am southern and the stories sound southern. I do not expect to win a Pulitzer Prize here. I do hope you find something to brighten your day.

I took many liberties with grammar and punctuation in an effort to retain the flavor of the events.

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