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Jurassic Prick

Sergio Tell

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Jurassic Prick

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GOD CREATED MAN in a way that the soul, the body, and all that blah, blah, blah, could fit in the world. All the philosophies say there is place for everyone in this world: good, bad, evil, cakemaker, petty officer. Earth is place for everyone.

But why God created us so small? Was he saving skin or bones? Or did the teachers told him, “Saving is the secret of the future so don’t waste brain, skin or bones on those stupid humans when you will create them”?

Three months ago, I fall down twelve meters and broke everything, even the filth under my nails. If God had given me wings, when I jumped and before I fell down I could fly away. Or if when he created us instead of being respectful and making shit coming out of as after we eat, he could make us instead fart with pillows coming out, we wouldn’t break ourselves when we fall.

Or… Aaahhh, listen—if God would have given us the size of the elephants… Aaahhh, what a pleasure! I am not exaggerating. But not… He should not give us the size of a dinosaur because today is not space for 6,973,738,433 dinosaurs.

I mean, just elephants. Such a beautiful creatures they are.

I can imagine myself with a big trunk, eating all the cakes my cousin and auntie are doing. After that, to stop my cousin and auntie being kicked out of Panama, as an elephant I push them with my bottom to the wall so they don’t make any more trouble.

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