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When I had such inspirational moments as this, thinking of how God could save me from this terrible accident, I love to listen tango music very loud and dance tango in my flat.

While dancing I forget everything, but suddenly I hear a noise in the little balcony. It was my Chinese neighbor Da Xia. She was beating the glass of the entrance door with an axe and swearing, “Cao nǐ shì shénme dōngxi” (Fuck, what kind of human are you?). Together with Kootis, my other neighbor, she laughed and swore in Greek: “Malaka, bloody Malaka, you are a very bad dancer.”

I opened the door of the balcony. Da Xia and Kootis both yelled to me that I have to learn to dance the waltz, then entered and sat down. Da Xia ordered me to bring them café. I told them that I was dancing tango and they laugh so much that they both need to go to the toilet.

While we were drinking café, Kootis said that I am a very bad tango dancer because my dance looks like a tarantella, the Italian dance, but Da Xia invited me to come with her to the casino and teach me how to dance and play poker.

Then Kootis said “Ah, ladies and gentleman, this week at the Royal State Casino, the Excellentissimo Premier of Victoria took an important step in the history of the state. The premier, with the approval of the government, launched the first state-owned commercial aeroplane company, “FlyMakeGold.” So Da Xia invited me also to fly to Hawaii on this new airline.

I said “What? Why is it called MakeGold?”

“Is the first time in the world that casinos were installed inside commercial aeroplanes,” Kootis said. “So the passengers can have a great flight and the revenues will be enjoyed by the state.

As well, your cousin Alberto was nominated assistant to the chief police commissioner of Victoria, Mr Joseph Randhall, and the commissioner, of course, was deeply annoyed.”

After the few hours we talked, I came with them to the door, and they said to me “please, no more tango.” Kootis told me, “Tomorrow I will tell you more gossip.” Da Xia came close to me, gave me a big kiss and said, “Come on Cucumber, let’s fly the Casino aeroplanes!” and they both left.

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