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Happy Fat Children and Protein Enhancers

By Tom Duckworth

Published by Philistine Press at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Tom Duckworth

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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1. N.Y.C. con
2. Cut-out hero
3. End tune
4. The plane went Bang!
5. The playful distractions of the mind
6. Happy fat children
7. Rectal squelch
8. If I were a tree
9. Halve thy sons

Original text


Dear Reader,

In many ways the poems you will read in this collection are gibberish nonsense! A rabble of words strung together to make vague sense with the hope that you will find some meaning out of the background dribble. Thinking positive though, I have tried my very best to piece together something thought provoking that I hope will also satisfy the urges of any literate OCD suffers. To tell the truth I often look through this work and rather than poems, I see mathematical problems to which I have found a particular solution for.

Originally, I was going to call this book ‘poems not written by me’ because many of them are anagrams or a selection of ‘other people’s words’ arranged in such a way they have a new sense of direction.

It is certainly a wild adventure writing a poem where boundaries are in place and I often find there is no of knowing where it will take you until the very last letter is in place. It can certainly be challenging but in some ways having limitations helps me; to portray one's most untamed imagination through words, for me, would be an impossible challenge and I envy people who can write with such unrestricted brilliance and beauty.

I hope you enjoy my book.


PS) I am very fond of the game Scrabble.

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