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I’ve been doing this routine for several years now and reaped benefits from it, benefits you can read about on the next page. It is a high intensity routine meant to keep you working hard for thirty minutes, which is short enough to keep you from saying “I don’t have time” and long enough to kick your butt if you do it right. Everything you do in this routine focuses on direct improvement of some aspect of triathlon.

Use this weight training routine as a supplement to your swim, bike, and run workouts. Plan your quality workouts before this workout so you can still get hammer those and not be tired from lifting weights. Take the first week to learn the routine and understand the concepts behind these specific exercises. After you memorize the routine, you can hit it hard and start to see improvements. Also, consider how it is affecting your other workouts and adjust accordingly.

Don’t use this routine to build bulk. Extra weight requires extra energy to move, and in triathlon you have to be as efficient as possible. You should be looking to gain muscular endurance, consider it being able to move more weight for a longer period of time.

You can tell by the layout and graphics that this book is meant to be simple. That’s because it focuses on the information, not nice graphics and such. I’m working on a video that will show what I mean by each of the comments. It will also show the intensity level and how it really is possible to keep moving and working hard for the full thirty minutes.

The book is laid out pretty simple and in bullet format for ease of reading. After this intro, I included some more about the intent of the routine and what it’s supposed to do for you. After that, the “Rules Of Engagement” give the guidelines for the workout, followed by a basic list of exercises for you to remember. Each exercise is then reviewed in detail to explain what you should be focusing on during each rep. Finally, I included a “Weight Log” so you can remember next week what you did and hopefully see progress in weights and reps; don’t waste time filling it in during the routine, do it afterwards.

Lawyers and insurances companies have basically required I say this: talk to your doctor before you start this routine to make sure it won’t kill you. Do the exercises correctly so you don’t hurt yourself.

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