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This is a President of the United States abusing the power of his office such that he’s made a mockery of everything we teach our kids about our government and legal system. And he gets away with it because he’s found a crack in our Constitution the founding fathers missed: A time when we’d elect a psychopath president — a person who would fill our entire government with those as lawless as himself.

Eric Holder, was Obama’s choice for Attorney General, and his arrogance had him voted, “In Contempt of Congress.” A charge that MUST — BY LAW — be presented to a grand jury by the District Attorney for the District of Columbia. But that’s, Ronald C. Machen Jr., another Obama appointee, and — using the time honored tradition of ‘judicial discression’ for prosecutors — what do you suppose the odds are that Holder’s contempt citation will ever be presented to anything? Want to make it worse? Were Obama to be impeached, who’d remove him from office? For as president, he controls all the apparatus having that power.

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