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―Dr. Nancy Coyne, MD, Psychiatrist, Yoga Teacher, + Equine Facilitated EPONA Provider

“This book speaks to the phases of trauma in a way that is so beautiful and exact. Teresa B Pasquale is clearly a talented writer, and artist. Mending Broken will be on your mind long after you’re done reading it. Teresa has held the space for healing and never let go once she has her awakening. Bravo, Teresa! I'm deeply grateful for the lessons learned in your book.”

―Shelley Rosenberg, author of My Horses, My Healers, + Equine Facilitated EPONA Senior Staff,

“This is a story of one woman's journey from trauma to triumph. Teresa B Pasquale has shaped her recovery from trauma into a way of life, both personally and now as a psychotherapist, from the inside out. She shares how she created coping skills that she now passes on to her clients and that she continues to apply in her own healing.”

―Dr. Sally Valentine, PhD, LCSW, FAACS, Trauma Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist + yoga teacher,

“Teresa's depiction of her journey from darkness to light is powerful and genuine. Her poignant description of her personal trauma is enlightening to me, both as a mental health professional and a trauma survivor. I believe Teresa’s simplicity of expression and her raw description of personal pain will be most beneficial for those of us seeking to heal ourselves and others.

―Cheryl Young, LMHC, Clinical Director at Delray Recovery Center,

Teresa takes the subject of PTSD and clarifies what it is, how the brain behaves during the trauma, post trauma, and how it can heal. To say that this book is an altruistic endeavor is putting it lightly. It is raw, honest, and loving. This book is written for the victim, the clinician, and anybody who needs to know that somebody out there cares. It is evident in every page that Teresa does.

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