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Wow! That’s a Great Idea!

30 Great Ideas on Innovation from the Idea Factory


Ed Bernacki, Innovationalist

The Idea Factory

Volume One

Wow! That’s a great idea!

We like to use this expression. These are the ideas we want to have.

You know it is a great idea. Others look at the idea and they see that it is a great idea. It may solve the problem. It may create an opportunity. It captures the essence of good design thinking. Great ideas have something that we are drawn toward. It is hard to explain what makes a great idea ‘great’. Yet this is a skill you need to be an idea factory.

This collection of articles comes from Ed Bernacki who started the Idea Factory in 1996. He is a thinker and thought leader on ideas about innovation and creativity. He has been an innovation writer for a wide variety of publications in various countries for fifteen years. This compilation of 30 articles is designed for leaders and managers to prompt them to be more innovative in their thinking. Many of these articles were originally published in New Zealand. He is grateful to publication editors at New Zealand Trade and Entreprise who allowed him to explore a wide diversity of innovation themes.

You will discover something about Ed’s style of writing; it is jargon and cliché free. These articles will give you insights and ideas. His goal is to help you understand and use new concepts. He believes one reason we fail to innovate is poor communication. We use the word innovation but fail to give it any meaning.

Ed’s recommendations for communicating innovation:

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