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M.W. Stevens


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Adelphi is a small exurban town with a growing population. As more jobs come into town, more people are moving into new housing developments. However, the town also boasts one of the oldest, most haunted neighborhoods in the region. Along Main Street in Historic Adelphi is a large house known to the locals as Jameson Mansion. This house bears one of the great ghost stories of Adelphi. Everyone in the town, whether or not they believed in it, knew the story well.

The legend is called “The Ghost House of Main Street.” This house was originally owned by the wealthy Jameson family of Adelphi, and was built to showcase their great wealth. Exactly 100 years prior, on Halloween, Mrs. Jameson suffered from a massive nervous breakdown after her husband died of mysterious circumstances. As a result, she stabbed herself repeatedly and died shortly thereafter. After her death, their butler was quoted in the newspaper, saying that “she claimed her spirit would return in exactly 100 years to bring back gifts from the afterlife.”

For those of us who did believe in this tale, one of our greatest wishes was about to come true. It was announced only a few short days before Halloween, that there would be a guided expedition of the Jameson Mansion to coincide with this day in history. We finally got the opportunity to prove once and for all that this story was real!

My best friend Jason organized a small group to go on the expedition. We both asked our gal friends Lisa and Samantha to go with us, since we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take two gorgeous ladies to the ultimate haunted house experience!

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