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A novel
John T George

Copyright 2012 by John T George


Dedicated to my beloved mother
to whom I owe everything
and to me who owes nothing.


I dare say I knew little about this story and its characters when I started out. But slowly I became one of the characters and the story became one of my own. From there on, it took but little time to develop the theme and the characters for this novel. Because, this story is not an unusual or uncommon one; our everyday lives are witness to it in one way or the other. Nonetheless, I believe, it has its own novelty and originality. There are honest and unselfish sons and daughters who are willing to sacrifice their entire life for the well-being of their family even in our modern world today. We may say, they are naïve but I would say they are simply a rare breed of loyal and genuine people. This is the story of such a son who sacrificed his entire life to bring up his younger siblings and look after his mother when they were down, helpless, rotten and rusted. The characters, I have attempted to portray in this story, are mere reflections of our modern society. They are, unbelievably, greedy and rude; cunning and cruel and conniving and cumbersome. When I began working on this story, words slowly came alive with emotion and started to breathe. I went along with the characters with empathy and emotions, frustrations and despair, as they were generated flawlessly and genuinely from each of them. I was agitated at times, but reasoned that they are the product of our generation.

This is the story of a young man who struggled to survive from the pit of poverty and carry the burden of a large family along with him when unexpectedly, his dream crumbled, with the untimely death of the sole breadwinner of his family. The obstacles, seen and unseen he had to face in his journey to achieve his objectives, his unambiguous and unselfish motives to uplift the life of his siblings along with his beloved mother and his agonizing pain from the total and unscrupulous rejection from the same siblings, at the end, are being told with the same gravity and emotions. If the readers could cry and share the pain of the main character and feel agitated with the villains of this story and frustrated with the thankless siblings I would say I accomplished what I set out to do. If not, I would graciously admit, I have not succeeded. But I would not be discouraged; rather, I shall try again.

To some down-to-earth people, such stories and characters may simply be imaginative creations. They would even be skeptical about such events and characters in this day and age and ask, would this happen? But sadly, we have only to look around in our own communities and neighborhoods to see such events and characters because our small world is full of such people and they would weave the stories with a much sadder thread than what I used to convey this story. Human hearts should not be maligned nor should it be mired in mud to such an extent where the degree of difference between humans and animals would be reduced to nil. If my fellow human beings could express their deepest gratitude to those who would do good to them and alter their selfish and cunning motives, this world would be a better place. If this novel could motivate even a single human being towards a more noble direction, I would be greatly gratified. A thousand gods and a

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