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Cover design by Marc Forbes.



Evrin Evenstar had given Killian a quest, and now he must see to his own vital task. If Killian succeeded in destroying Stonewater’s magical machines: the harvesting plant, the extraction system, and the refinery; Evrin must work to ensure that the greatest relic of all remained hidden.

Evrin followed Killian with his eyes until the younger man disappeared from view, vanishing down the pilgrim’s trail.

Evrin had done his best: he’d imbued Killian with as much power as he could, considering the young man’s lack of knowledge about the runes, and armed him with the destructive cubes. The boy’s fate was now out of his hands.

Yet he couldn’t help worrying. Killian would face perils within Stonewater, and Evrin wished he could help more. He wished the young man good fortune, and prayed they would soon be reunited at the appointed place, the sky temple in Salvation.

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