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Cas Erchamion

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Cas Erchamion


As the title implies, this book is just about conversations. I wrote it to give my students ample material for speaking practice. An educator can discuss with students and/or dissect the dialogues contained in this book, as only he or she can do. There are a loads of idioms, phrasal verbs and colloquial expressions for a wide variety of situations and topics. The vocabulary in each dialogue is challenging but not unfamiliar or unusual. If you are a student, the idea is to get used to collocations and colloquialism. Practice, Practice, practice!

In addition, the dialogues were composed for Jr. High School ~ Freshman University level students. In other words, the grammar found within the dialogues doesn't stray too far from levels most students are used to seeing in their respective school exams. After 17 years teaching university level ESL classes, I've found that practice, practice, and practice are the top three methods of improving speaking ability.

If you have any comments or suggestions, contact me via email at caserchamion @ hotmail . com with "Just Conversations Comment" in the subject line. Happy speaking and good luck.


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