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“Well then Humphrey everything ready. Have you got my fishing rod and net? Have you remembered my worms and is the boat at the jetty?” Sir William asked.

"Yes sir" said Humphrey, "I’ve left the worms by the jetty I’ll pick them up on the way down.”

Sir William was very excited his favourite thing to do was fishing early in the morning when teapot castle was very quirt and Lady Lucy and Princess Lulu were still fast asleep. Sir William finished his peppermint tea and they were ready to go. Sir William moved the painting and opened the secret door and followed the passageway that led down to the secret jetty under Teapot Castle, where the Good Ship Lemon Tea was waiting.

“All aboard" said Sir William.

Humphrey put the fishing rod and net into the boat and went to pick up the bucket of worms he’d left on the jetty earlier.

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