I hope you can be… discreet.”

Nicole shifted in the stiff-backed leather chair, the cloth from her black slacks catching while her boss, the Creative Director and CEO of Orbit Games, the cold icicle himself, Alex Parker, in that perfectly pressed thousand dollar suit, remained unmoved.

This, this couldn’t be happening.

She licked her lips. “Sir, I’m not sure I understand.”

What isn’t to understand?”

That Fire Storm had been a sure bet. That it was supposed to be a money-maker which Orbit itself and not some money-grabbing publisher had financed. That Alex had practically promised it’s success.

She forced herself not to grab her turquoise, shell-beaded bracelet. To fidget. Not while Alex sat there.

Waiting. Cool. Composed. Completely untouched by the impact what this news actually meant for his employees. For her team.

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