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His Roman Master: The Claiming

Published by Lyra Brooks at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Lyra Brooks

The Roman defeat at Carrhae came swiftly and unexpectedly for all involved. It was not strictly a lack of Roman skill that caused this thorough trouncing, rather it was the fact that Marcus Crassus, the man who led the invasion as commander, wasn't fit to lead a herd of goats let alone an army. He rejected forming an alliance with Armenia to invade from a more opportune direction and in so doing led his army to the worst defeat in Roman history. It was later discovered upon the army's return to Rome that Marcus Crassus didn't even have the support of the triumvirate or the senate and had essentially borrowed the Roman army without leave.

The whole affair was quite the debacle and Septimus was furious. It had been nearly a month since that farce of a battle and he still couldn't forget how many of his soldiers lost their lives. As a man who prided himself on his military tactics, he couldn't understand how Marcus Crassus made so many bad decisions in succession. Perhaps even more maddening, Septimus himself had been wounded and it was causing him no end of misery. A lucky sword thrust had scoured across his helmet and cut him across the eye.

The cut itself was not deep and appeared that it would heal easily into a thin, barely noticible white line. However Septimus' eye was damaged in the attack as well. At first, the camp physicians weren't even sure that he would be able to keep the eye. Through careful tending from both the doctors and Laliya, he kept his left eye but lost most of the vision in it. He could see vague, blurry shapes but nothing clear. Only time would tell how much sight he would regain once the wound healed entirely.

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