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There’s a Monster in the Wall!

D. P. Scott

Published by D. P. Scott at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 D. P. Scott

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In bed with the covers pulled tightly over his nose, Jacob lay listening. His eyes darted from the window to the wall. It was windy outside and he could hear a swishing noise from the blowing tree branches. But that didn’t frighten him. It was the noise that was coming from the wall right beside his head. Something was moving around on the other side of the blue paint! Jacob knew what was coming next--the horrible, terrifying, moaning sound. He shivered at the thought.

Diving under his blankets, he let out a shout, “Mom! Dad! Help!”

He heard running footsteps, and then, his parents rushed into his room. “What is it? Are you sick?” asked his mother, gently lifting the covers off his head.

“The monster’s back! I heard him! He’s there, in the wall!” yelled Jacob, pulling the blanket back down.

His parents raised their eyebrows, and glanced at each other.

“We’ve been through this before son. Aren’t you a little too big to believe in monsters, you’re almost eight years old?” said his father, looking down his glasses at the bump in the bed.

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