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The Cat & the Crow

Written and Published by

S. 'K.' Hart

at Smashwords

Cover by H. C. Fang

Copyright 2012 S. Hart

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This Ebook contains graphic sexual scenes between two men and is not intended or suitable for underage readers.

The Cat & the Crow

Chapter One

I hate Gerstan and it's my opinion that any man who doesn't merely hasn't been there long enough. Women love it, I'm sure. Founded long ago by an unappreciated sixth wife who had fled to the continent to escape her wedding chains, the city-sized country had started as a refuge for women suffering from the same. Since a portion of them had been with child and didn't want their sons removed from their life, arranged marriages were eventually allowed, so long as the boys in question were raised to believe that they only existed to dote on their spouse. Of course, that wouldn't have lasted as long as it had if not for the financial endorsement that came from many a rich widow who wanted in on what they saw as paradise. Or a particularly twisted level of hell, depends on your gender, I suppose.

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