How To Keep Your Lover Hooked: Helpful Ways To Keep A Lasting Relationship

By Stephen Williams

SmashWords Edition

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Have you been challenged by your fear of losing your lover and wished you knew how to spare yourself from that painful experience?

Then you definitely need this book to help you keep your lover hooked even before you start worrying about dealing with a break up.

Finding a lover is challenge enough so don't let anything ruin your relationship. By all means, keep your lover hooked. Remember, keeping the fire in the relationship after a considerable span of time is a lot more challenging than attracting your lover before. 

The tips you will get from this book may not actually be new to you but surprisingly they factor in a lot in keeping your lover hooked to you. This book is carefully thought off to help couples find the right path to finding the road to eternity with the lover they wish to spend their lives with.

There is no universal approach to keeping your lover hooked. What does wonders to one couple might do disasters to another. However, given the long list here, you are sure to find an approach that is sure to help you get your lover hooked to you.

Different strokes for different folks is the main secret. Thus, knowing your partner more deeply is vital. This book will further improve your edge in trying to keep your lover hooked.

The Tips On How To Keep Your Lover Hooked On You

Stay Sexy

One of the wrong notions that couples believe in is to relax once they've hooked up with someone. Both start to gain extra pounds and begin to have undesirable weight. Being too complacent that you've won your apple of the eye will be the same culprit that will make you lose your lover. 

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