A Woodland

By Mikey Simpson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Mikey Simpson 2012


Sammy was a busy robin trying to get organise for Christmas, she had been out exploring the nearby trees, gathering nuts and wild berries. It had been hard work but with the help of Oswald the owl, they had gathered quite a bundle.

 They were tired out and resting high up in a tree, when out of the corner of her eye Sammy saw something move in the undergrowth. She looked more closely below the old pine tree, underneath the lower branches near the ground was a hedgehog.

Oswald flew down to say hello to the hedgehog. The hedgehog pointed to a pile of nuts. Soon Sammy was scurrying around inspecting the acorns with the help of the small hedgehog.

The group admired the large pile of mixed nuts. There was a beautiful gold ribbon tied around each one! The hedgehog walked over to the bundle of nuts. A moment later a thrush, blackbird, blue tit and a wren flew down and joined the group. The hedgehog said, 'I have worked hard through the autumn and winter gathering these nuts and wrapping ribbons around each one.'

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