Praise for Greg M. Sarwa’s writing

“Author Greg Sarwa’s style has an ineffable quality that is the mark of great writing. Deceptively simple, his storytelling combines a poetic air with clear-eyed practicality…”

“…will keep the readers engrossed in the story right from the word go, filling them with suspense and a sense of anticipation as to what will happen next. This is a book not to be missed..."

BookWire Review

“…this story is well-written, action packed and easy to follow. Readers will enjoy the frenetic pace of the story with its fascinating twists and turns.”

Dana Blozis, ForeWord CLARION reviews

“…runs a range of vibrant emotions without ever sinking into the maudlin or the melodramatic. It's a good, strong story which tugs at the heartstrings and at times tickles the funny bone…Well written, well paced and significantly insightful, Sarwa’s novel is well worth reading.”

M. Wayne Cunningham, ForeWord Magazine

“I guarantee that you will not be able to put down this novel once you begin to read it.”

Alan Caruba, Editor,

“Sarwa’s writing is sprinkled with some vivid detail and his characters are nicely drawn and distinctive.”

Norm Goldman,

“Well-written and balanced in descriptive scenes, dialogue, and plot, it is a page-turner I didn’t want to put down. But then, neither did I want the tale to end…”

“This novel is the best soul mate story I have ever read.”

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